Apartment Living when You Have a Pet

For most of us, we couldn’t imagine our lives without our furry family members. They add such a special touch to our lives that can never be replicated in any other relationship. Even though having a pet is such a widespread and common occurrence, it can be difficult to find an accommodating rental unit. Many places will not allow pets due to the damages that they can create in the property. In today’s age more and more landlords are choosing to be pet-friendly, with certain stipulations, such as a pet deposit, pet fee, etc.

If you are lucky enough to find a property that is accepting of pets, you should still be mindful of the rules and etiquette that comes along with pet ownership. You must be mindful that not every tenant in the building is going to have a pet or be understanding of the noises that come along with them. You don’t want to be evicted when you finally found an accommodating landlord.

You should be mindful of you effects on the surrounding tenants. If you have a dog with a lot of energy, you may want to specifically search for a first floor apartment. Being up on an upper level may make noise an issue for your lower neighbors. If your dog has separation anxiety that makes a lot of ruckus while you are away, you may want to consider obedience training. Some facilities specialize in treating separation anxiety as well, to really get a hold of any temperamental problems.

It’s a good idea to let your dog out daily to get it’s daily exercise in so that it is not all wound up inside the home. Taking a walk down the street and back can do wonders so that they can wind down when they come back to the apartment.

Cleaning up after your pooch is just as important as the noise levels! No one wants to walk outside and step in a pile of poo that your neighbor’s dog left the night before. Make sure you are keeping doggy bags on you and disposing of them in a proper trash receptacle. This is just common decency and in general is part of taking care of your fur baby.

A regular daily routine may be helpful for all parties involved. It’s helpful for you and your dog because you both know what to expect and when to expect it. When feeding times and potty breaks are done regularly at the same time, your pup knows what to expect and thus can feel more at ease. Also, this can be helpful for your neighbors because they can pick up when is the time that you will be making the most noise throughout the day. Noise is never amazing to deal with but if you know to expect it, it is a little better than altogether random.

Another great thing you can do, is just become acquainted with your neighbor! If you make the effort to reach out and let them know that you do have a dog and if there are any noise issues that they can feel free to reach out to you. Communication is always the best form of keeping the peace.

Whether you are searching for a pet friendly home or are looking to be a more courteous neighbor, we wish you the best! Remember that communication is key and learning to understand your neighbor will go far, even outside of pet ownership.